Affiliate Marketing – How you can earn money passively with your blog or on Youtube, Instagram and co!

Affiliate Marketing - How you can earn money passively with your blog or on Youtube, Instagram and co!

Running your own blog or website – that’s not only fun, but can also be really financially rewarding. Affiliate marketing is the magic word. But what exactly is it and how does affiliate marketing work on Facebook, Instagram and the like? Here you can find out how you can earn money with affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

The term “affiliate” comes from English and means “partner”. So it is a form of partnership cooperation between two entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur 1 wants to sell a product and uses the platform of entrepreneur 2 as advertising space. 

What is the advantage of such a cooperation? The seller benefits from an increased reach of his product and thus also from higher sales. The platform operator, on the other hand, receives a commission for advertising the product. This commission can be based on the following criteria:

Number of clicks on an advertisement – Cost per Click (CPC)

Contacting the customer or receiving his information – Cost per Lead (CPL)

Sale of a product – Cost per Order (CPO) or Cost per Sale (CPS)

Affiliate marketing is now offered by very many companies from very different sectors (such as retail, financial products, fashion). One of the best-known partners is online giant Amazon. But partnerships are also possible with smaller merchants.

If you place an affiliate link on your platform, you should always mark it as such. You should also be aware that income from affiliate marketing must be taxed, even if the amounts involved are small. Last but not least, special regulations apply with regard to information and copyright law. 

For example, if you want to include photos or videos from third-party providers, you should clarify in advance in writing whether you have permission to do so. The right to information refers, among other things, to the imprint and the privacy policy. In the special case of financial or medical products, there are also special regulations that should be observed.

Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

Followers, views or likes – which criteria play a role for affiliate marketing on YouTube? For this, it is first important to clarify how affiliate marketing on YouTube works. 

Basically, Google Adsense has its own affiliate program for advertising on YouTube. In order to successfully apply for this program, you need to have a unique and qualitative content. However, this aspect should generally be part of your YouTube strategy. Because only valuable and interesting content will prevail in the end – and accordingly receive many subscribers, views and likes. And this also forms the transition to the initial question: In principle, all criteria are important in order to be able to earn money with affiliate marketing on YouTube. 

The more entertaining or informative the content of your video is, the more people will watch your video. And the more people watch your video, the higher the probability that they will become aware of your affiliate link and that you will profit from a commission. It’s the same with your followers. The more visitors you get to watch your videos regularly, the higher the chance that they will take action and follow your recommendations. Followers are therefore an indirect indicator of the quality of a YouTuber.

At this point, we have summarized 3 ideas for you, which types of videos are suitable for affiliate marketing on YouTube:

Feedback Video: You put a product through its paces and give your feedback regarding handling, usability, price, quality, etc. This variant is of course very obvious for affiliate marketing. Therefore, it’s important that you give your viewers the feeling that you’re really about testing the product – and not just promoting it – keyword: trustworthiness.

Tutorial Video: A well-known example in this category is makeup tutorials. You show your viewers how to apply makeup properly and can thereby indirectly promote a specific product, such as a lipstick. In addition, you link the products used in the infobox. If viewers click on this link, you can get commission for it.

Gaming Videos: Do you like to play computer games? Then let your fans participate by letting them watch you play or by explaining certain game contents as well as tips and tricks. With this variant, you don’t directly put a product in the foreground, but try to present interesting and entertaining videos to your fans. Because it is not only important to gain new fans, but also to keep the existing ones. In one of your next videos, you can then indirectly promote a product, such as the game you play.

Affiliate marketing on your blog or website

Thinking of starting your own blog or running your own website? Then affiliate marketing is just the thing to earn money with your site. 

Again, it is important that you first provide readable and interesting content. Only then does it make sense to include affiliate marketing in your strategy. 

Is your blog about traveling around the world? Then create a packing list with all the things you don’t want to miss on the road. All products that you present should be provided with a link to the store. This way, the seller will recognize when customers come from your site. 

There are numerous possibilities for affiliate marketing on your own blog – you just have to let your creativity run wild. It is crucial that you do not obviously promote your products, but describe your experiences and communicate them sincerely to the readers. So the focus of your strategy is always the added value of the content and not the sale of the product. 

Affiliate marketing on Facebook, Instagram and Co.

You can also earn a lot of money with affiliate marketing on social media platforms. Basically, the concept works the same way here as it does on your own blog. On some channels, however, it is somewhat more difficult to link products. For example, Instagram users can only put links in a story if they have more than 10,000 followers. And the so-called shopping tags, with which products can be marked on pictures, also require a product catalog of their own on Facebook. 

Instagrammers can help themselves with another trick, however. On the web interface of, you can post your products and receive a link in return, which you can implement in the description of your posted image. People who now tag the post with “Like” and are also logged into’s website will receive an email notification with the link to the online store. This way, Instagrammers can bypass the problem and in turn receive their commission for a product sale – minus a small expense allowance for

Earn money with affiliate marketing: If you are active on social networks like Facebook or Instagram or even run your own blog, you can earn really big money by linking to products. Nevertheless, the quality of the content should remain the top priority – content is still king.

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