Dropshipping ideas 2022:don’t miss the opportunity again


Sell products with your own online store? Without having to store these products yourself? Yes, that’s possible – with dropshipping. Are you hooked on this idea? Rightly so, because this business model is particularly lucrative if you want to start your own online business but have little to do with manufacturing the products. But which products are suitable for a dropshipping business? We want to show you 8 ideas for your online store so that you can get off to a successful start in 2022.

what is dropshipping?

If you are looking for the best dropshipping ideas for 2022, you will surely already know how the dropshipping model works. Nevertheless, let’s start by clarifying the basics of what exactly makes this business model so lucrative and ingenious.

Dropshipping is a type of e-commerce in which online retailers offer various products in their store that they don’t actually have in stock. If customers like an item and want to buy it, you don’t ship the item, wholesalers do. You yourself have no physical contact with the products you offer. Dropshipping offers you a decisive advantage over retail: With this business model, you no longer have the problem of stock and do not have to worry about its completeness. You outsource the shipping and still collect the money for it. Ingenious business model.

Find the right products for dropshipping

Once you have found a suitable store software and a supplier whose conditions you are satisfied with, you can get started. All that’s missing now are the products. And this is often where the difficulty of this business model lies: What are good dropshipping ideas? What are products that are bought online and that guarantee success? What works well abroad? At this point it is time to go intensively into product research. And for this we have listed you three ultimate tips for product research.


Test the monthly search volume of different products with tools like Ubersuggest to find out if it is a popular item. The more search volume a keyword has, the greater the competition. Based on my experience, I would advise you to be more pointed today. Instead of offering every watch, no matter in which version and no matter for which target group, rather offer a niche product like “sports watches”.


If you need tools, where would you be most likely to buy them? Probably not on the Internet, but in a hardware store. Therefore, you should look for a product that you can’t easily find in a brick-and-mortar store. But make sure that there is as much demand for the product as possible. Otherwise you will not generate high revenues.


Many people are willing to spend a lot of money on their hobbies. This is especially true for very expensive hobbies, such as scuba diving, motorcycling or horseback riding. They are also willing to spend a lot of money on the accessories they need. And there are a lot of them in certain industries. So look for an industry, in the best case also here a niche, which is not yet so often represented online, but offers a lot of accessories. Your target group may not be too large, but it will be willing to pay and, above all, loyal.

These are the best inspirations for 2022

To make your search for suitable products easier, we want to list a few dropshipping ideas for 2022. The goal is to find the perfect products for your online store!

1. fitness items

Whether fitness bracelet, yoga mat or functional sportswear: Fitness articles are currently – especially due to the pandemic – articles that are very often ordered online. After all, people also want to work on their fitness at home. Fitness and yoga influencers in the social networks also ensure that the hype around this topic does not flatten out. This niche offers a wonderful opportunity to constantly expand the product range with accessory items. Also, the search volume and demand are so high that there will be enough potential buyers for your online store. With the price range between ten and 60 euros, fitness items are perfect for the dropshipping model.

2. home improvement supplies

Another dropshipping idea 2022 are articles for the do-it-yourself market. Here, too, you can list many additional items, depending on how broad you want to offer your range. From tape, to tools, to screws and flashlights, it’s all there. And this niche, if you can still call it that, has been on the rise for several years. Here, too, the media are ensuring that the trend towards DIY projects (do it yourself) is becoming increasingly popular. Accordingly, more and more people are trying their hand at renovation work within their own four walls. If you look at the search results on Google, you will see that there are already many providers and online stores. This is not always a sign that the market is oversaturated, but that this area is simply working very well.

3. baby articles

A lot of money can be earned with children’s articles. This is also shown by the statistics, because in recent years sales of around 2.8 billion euros were generated in Germany with baby and children’s fashion alone. Toys were also increasingly purchased. A trend you could jump on. And here, too, you can offer a certain range of products. This includes clothing, baby accessories such as pacifiers, bibs, slings or even personalized items with the customers’ children’s names. So you can see that even print-on-demand products can be combined with this, and thus also the opportunity to combine two business models.

4. pet supplies

Just as much money as people invest in their children, they also invest in their pets. For some people, their animal roommates are even a substitute for children. Perfect starting position to sell products in this area. It doesn’t just have to be bowls or leashes, but also emotional products such as printed socks, cell phone covers or toys for the beloved pet. There are numerous ways to evoke emotions with your items. Why emotions? Because they provide an instinctive impulse to buy, and the bond between people and their pets is usually particularly strong. Therefore, this area offers great potential.

5. jewelry

Jewelry can be called an “all-time-favorite” and thus also belongs to the best dropshipping ideas 2022. Because jewelry always sells. So if you pay attention to the current trend, you can make a lot of money with the right kind of jewelry and watches. At the same time, your items don’t have to be expensive jewelry. Even inexpensive jewelry from 10 euros and up attracts potential customers and allows you a lucrative business.

 Especially popular are individual or personalized jewelry, such as engravings or color selection. Since the market in this segment is very large, a pointed positioning is recommended here. Instead of offering all watches, you can focus only on sports watches. Or instead of listing all types of jewelry, you could offer only bracelets with wooden elements. You see, there are really numerous ways to find a niche.

6. technology and accessories

Particularly successful is the division with technology accessories. And under this, everything can be offered: Cell phone holders, charging cables, USB sticks or powerbanks. In this market segment, too, it can be seen that demand is continuing to rise. More and more providers are developing and newer, innovative products are emerging. It is definitely worth taking a comparative look at the international market here. Because what already works abroad, such as in the USA, Japan or China, can also work here in Germany. So if you have already discovered a niche for yourself that is virtually non-existent in Germany, this could be the decisive advantage.

7. household goods and kitchen utensils

Kitchen utensils have also experienced an upward trend due to the pandemic and should therefore not be missing from the list of the best dropshipping ideas for 2022. Not only appliances such as deep fryers or rice stoves are bought here, but also vacuum cleaners and the like. Everything that makes life at home easier, more practical and more beautiful. Whether it’s a cutting board or a mop, all these products sell very well and can be expanded at will. 

Because the statistics prove it right. Sales in the kitchen appliances/machines segment amounted to about 2,198 million euros in 2021. Experts predict that the market volume in this sector will continue to grow to over 2,200 million euros in 2026. A constant market, therefore, to align its dropshipping business with.

8. decorative articles

Unlike other industries, decorative items are much more about taste and personality. And that’s why decorative items are so broad. These include lamps, wall decorations, flower vases, pictures, mirrors, candles, pillows, etc. The list is endless. And so are your options to find suitable decorative items. Therefore, it is wise to be more pointed here as well. Whether completely fair products, products made of a specific material or products in a certain style – definitely look at the demand and your competitors when choosing. Maybe a perfect niche for you will automatically emerge from this.


No matter what products you choose with your dropshipping business, intensive research beforehand may prevent your business from failing. Depending on which products you sell and whether you are in a low-priced niche or in the high-priced sector, the profit can be different. The decisive factor here is the price calculation. As a store owner you can choose the prices as you like, but you should make sure that the profit margin is sufficient and that you can keep up with your competitors. But with our dropshipping ideas 2022 nothing stands in the way of your online business.

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