Earn money on the side: Simple tips and money sources

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Supplement the income and finances? The job provides the foundation, but many are looking for ways to earn money on the side because there is so much month left at the end of the money. The good news is that there are a whole range of tips and options for how you can earn money on the side – seriously and with attractive salary prospects. However, they all require time and a willingness to be active in your spare time. We show which options you can use to earn money on the side…

Earn money on the side: A question of time

When money is regularly tight and the current job barely covers running costs, additional ways of earning money are needed. Not every job pays well. Many employees need a second job to supplement the coffers. Earning money on the side to get rid of money worries? Not a bad idea. But mainly a question of time.

Today, the Internet offers numerous opportunities to earn a few euros – or even a considerable amount – on the side. However, such additional earnings are not a foregone conclusion. Even those who want to build up a passive income online need lead time, sustained commitment and often start-up capital. Nothing is created overnight or with the completion of a few webinars.

If you want to make money “on the side,” the trick is to make the most of your free time – after hours or on weekends – to build a lucrative side business. As with any business, you’ll need to invest time and effort to profit from it. No one has money to give away when it comes to side earnings, either.

How to earn money on the side?

Below you will find tips, ideas and inspiration on how to earn money on the side. The options are indeed numerous. The fewest examples and side earnings provide a quick wealth. However, they do fill up your wallet and can bring a nice plus to your account.

We present business models, some of which can even be expanded to earn money on the side:

Look for a part-time job

The absolute classic way to earn money on the side is the classic part-time job. A mini-job on a 450-euro basis provides a regular, additional income and can be sought in a wide variety of professions and industries. However, a steady extra income takes time. You sign a second employment contract to which you are bound. Means: You have to coordinate, organize and time two jobs in parallel.

Rent out a free room

Do you have a spare room or can you rent one out to earn money on the side? This can be worthwhile! The demand for private rooms is high, especially during trade fairs. Likewise in popular cities and exciting travel destinations. You can rent out your room via platforms such as Airbnb and earn good money in the process.

Attention: Find out about the rules in your city beforehand! Some places restrict short-term accommodation of paying guests. In addition, if you live for rent yourself, it is advisable to consult with the landlord.

Test products

You don’t make a lot of money as a product tester. But the job isn’t too hard either and doesn’t cost much time. If you test products now and then, you often get them as a gift in return and can possibly sell them on eBay afterwards. However, you can only really earn money on the side with the job if you set up the tests more professionally. To work as a regular product tester, you need to find orders, apply for them and write reviews. For example, for Amazon or other portals.

Give tutoring

Tutoring is mostly offered by older students. Even if you already have your degree in your pocket, you can share your knowledge and help others in school and learning. Classically, tutoring revolves around math, vocabulary or grammar. However, you can offer other classes as well.

A big advantage of this job is that you don’t have to be on-site to provide tutoring. More and more often, the courses take place virtually and via video conference. Convenient: this way you can earn money on the side from the comfort of your home!

Offer carpooling

If you travel a lot by car and have seats available, you can give other people a ride or work as a driver in your spare time. Carpooling or chauffeur services are a good way to earn money on the side. Portals such as the ride-sharing agency, Uber or FreeNow arrange corresponding jobs. To do this, you usually have to register as a private cab, provide proof of a passenger transport license and then receive orders.

Make small products

Are you creative, skilled and artistically talented? Then you can sell your own products to earn money on the side. There are almost no limits to your imagination: making cosmetics, sewing scarves or hats, or painting pictures – if you find your niche here, you can earn good money on the side.

Either at craft or flea markets or on the Internet. There are several websites that specialize in this type of homemade products. First and foremost Etsy and eBay. But you can also start your own homepage with an online store and do marketing via Pinterest or Instagram to become better known and reach customers.

Earn money from home on the side

A particularly attractive option: earn money on the side – at home at your desk. It’s more flexible, requires less time and planning. Unfortunately, the high demand ensures that there are dubious providers and black sheep in this area in particular. However, with a little caution and skepticism about promises that are far too good to be true, there are also various options here.

Virtual assistance

Digital options allow you to work from home as an assistant and earn money. Whether it’s correspondence, arranging appointments, preparing meetings or making arrangements – you can take on traditional tasks and earn money on the side.

Test products

Before new products are actually launched on the market, they have to be tested thoroughly and by many different people. You can do just that at home and get paid as a product tester. In doing so, you can be sent a wide variety of things to try out, test thoroughly, and rate.

Build an Instagram channel

It takes time, regular posts, and passion for what you do – but having your own Instagram channel can go from a side hustle to a great source of income. However, please don’t expect miracles. Until you have built up the necessary reach to monetize the channel, it takes patience. If you want to earn money quickly on the side, you should focus on another option.

Earn money on the Internet on the side

It is particularly popular today to earn money on the Internet on the side. Advantage: You can do this comfortably from home and schedule the work yourself. This gives you maximum flexibility and allows you to better integrate the extra income into your everyday life. We present here a few ways how you can earn money online on the side:

Start a blog

Starting a blog, writing articles and building up a reader base as well as increasing your reach – it’s child’s play nowadays. Depending on how large the readership becomes, you can earn considerable sums on the side by means of advertising or sponsors on the blog. But don’t underestimate how much work a blog can be. First, you need to find a topic that you are not only knowledgeable about, but that also appeals to others and encourages them to read and click. Then it needs regular new content to stay exciting and current.

Create an e-book

Do you have useful knowledge that others would also like to have? Then write an e-book about it and offer this for paid download. With this side job option, you first make an advance payment. You have to invest time and effort in your book before it generates sales. If your e-book is well received, you can earn money on the side in the long term while you are already developing the next book.

Write texts for others

“Content is king” – the Internet is all about content. Online stores, magazines, corporate websites and company blogs – they all need new, exciting and informative articles all the time. There is not always an editorial team that can satisfy the demand. This is the opportunity for freelance writers and copywriters. If you can research well and write (fast!), it’s possible to earn money on the side.

The easiest way to earn money as a copywriter is through online portals where demand and supply meet. Payment is usually handled directly through the sites, which minimizes the workload for you. Payment is usually per word.

Sell used things

If you look around your home, closets, basement and attic: Do you really need everything you find there? If not: turn it into money! Old or used clothes, furniture, accessories, books, movies, games and technology are great ways to earn money on the side. There are numerous groups, apps and websites on the Internet that make this easy. Alternatively, there are flea markets.

Take part in surveys

A particularly simple option to earn money on the side is to participate in online surveys. These surveys are usually conducted by institutes that act on behalf of companies and are intended to test a thesis or question views. The participants are paid accordingly for their efforts.

Especially with online surveys, you have the chance to participate in different surveys again and again and thus earn something extra on a regular basis. However, in order to do so, you must register and be selected by the respective institute to participate in the survey.

Use affiliate marketing

If you want to earn money on the internet on the side, you should consider affiliate marketing. Most influencers have been using it for a long time. With the appropriate presence and reach, you recommend products and receive a commission if others follow your recommendation and buy. This can sometimes generate a handsome additional income. The prerequisite for this is your own (high-reach) social media channel (on Instagram or Tiktok) or your own blog or homepage. Then affiliate marketing can be worthwhile to earn money on the side.

Earn money online: 200 – 500 euros a day?

The Internet and especially social media are full of ads and promises of the type: “Get rich in just two weeks!”, “I’ll tell you my secret how you can earn money quickly and without risk” or even “With my method you’ll earn at least 200 to 500 euros every day”. Great caution is required with all such striking phrases. If you seriously want to earn money on the side, you should leave them alone.

Behind it are mostly rip-offs or criminal fraud schemes. In the worst case, you may even be liable to prosecution yourself if you fall into the trap. As understandable as the desire for quick wealth may be, it’s better to rely on reputable options.

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